Carl McColman, a full-time writer and spiritual teacher, describes the Celtic world as "a world of poetry before philosophy; of mysticism before theology; of magic before logic." He continues: "Storytelling matters more than the ability to explain something in a dry, step-by-step detail. The Celts are, and always have been, a people with one foot in the otherworld, and thus are governed by the enigmatic conventions and customs of that spiritual realm; where time is meaningless, love is forever, and dancing just might never end."

This paperback consists of 366 meditations on Celtic lore and wisdom divided into 40 different thematic paths including nature, saints, fairies, shaman, dreams, sacred sites, virtue, community and sacred animals. McColman has a good feel for the Celtic spirit, and he does a fine job explaining soul friends, the spiritual practice of hospitality, the bounties of nature, and the sacred nature of place.