April is National Poetry Month and as fine a time as ever to salute and to savor the sacred poetry of some of our favorite poets. We will present a new poem every day this month for your pleasure and spiritual enrichment. The link below each poem takes you to our review of the book where we found it
so you can go deeper into this rich source of inspiration and nourishment.

April 1: Trees Can Be Our Teachers by Satish Kumar
April 2: Live With the Spirit by Jessica Powers
April 3: Sixty-Four by Daniel Skatch-Mills
April 4: Open the Window by Rumi
April 5: Fern-Leafed Beech by Moyra Caldecott
April 6: Wild Things by Wendell Berry
April 7: Three Poems on Presence by Baisao
April 8: Miracles by Daniel Berrigan
April 9: Butterflies by Siegfried Sassoon
April 10: Living by Denise Levertov
April 11: Goodnight by Carl Sandberg
April 12: Two Prayers on Grace by James Vanden Bosch
April 13: What Is the Greatest Gift? by Mary Oliver
April 14: Three Poems on Hope
April 15: Not Enemies by Stephen Levine
April 16: Olive Trees by Marilyn Chandler McEntyr
April 17: Split the Sack by Rumi
April 18: The Earth Is Waiting For You by Thich Nhat Hanh
April 19: Surviving Has Made Me Crazy by Mark Nepo
April 20: On Forgiveness by Karyn Kedar
April 21: Morning Has Broken by Eleanor Farjeon
April 22: Rendition of Psalm 41 by Nan Merrill
April 23: Welcome Morning by Anne Sexton
April 24: Love Poems by Susan Landon, Ann Reisfeld Boutte, and Susan R. Norton
April 25: First Night by Julia Ackerman
April 26: An Atom of Love by Yunus Emre
April 27: Dear Diary by Leonard Cohen
April 28: Freedom to Marry by Barbara Hamilton-Holway
April 29: Four Sufi Poems
April 30: Icon by Mary Rose O'Reilley