A Moment of Peace
Eternal God
Thank you for this moment,
watching the morning sun glinting on the surf,
listening to the waves lapping the shore
I feel and sense your all-creating presence,
I am at one with you and your world.

Inspire and enable me to hold this moment,

when the media bombard my senses
with images of war and its consequences
and I feel powerless and angry,
help me recreate that moment
when I was still,
when I knew your peace.

In the stillness
I pray
for your peace in the world.
— Heather Johnston, England

A Peace Dream
I dream
Of a loving world
Where we see each other
With God's eyes;

I dream
Of a resourceful world
Where we cherish the unique gift
Of each other.
I dream
Of a hopeful world
Where we recognize the power of God's grace
To transform and make new;

I dream of peace.

— Claire Smith, Guyana

Web of Peace
Peace is as delicate
as the woven web of the spider;
so intricate, so complex,
yet so easily destroyed.
Lord, give us the peace that lasts,
that binds together,
that gives hope.
Peace, so delicate yet so strong,
is our prayer for today and tomorrow.

— John Johansen-Berg, England

Words for Peace
In the heat of memory we recall
that for every victory
there is a loss;
that for every ceasefire
there is a sniper;
that for every liberation
there is a prison;
that for every peace agreement
there is continued conflict;
if not above our skies,
if not in our waters.
if not in these islands,
if not on our doorstep,
then in some forgotten field.
We will remember them.

— Janet Lees, England

I Can't . . .
I'd like to stop
the manic rush to war . . .
I can't!

I'd like to intercept
the bullets and the bombs . . .
I can't!

I'd like to block
The flow of hate . . .
I can't!

I'd like to quench
the flow of victim's blood . . .
I can't!

I'd like to wave
a magic healing wand . . .
I can't!
I 'd like to change
the vengeful mind-sets of the hurt . . .
I can't!

I'd like to sanitize
the madman's mind . . .
I can't!

I'd like to convert
all warriors to peace . . .
I can't!

I'd like to turn around
the backward warmongers . . .
I can't!

I'd like to end
the bloodshed and the spite . . .
I can't!

I'd like to put
the so-wronged world to right . . .
I can't!

I can denounce, renounce
all war and violence . . .
just 'die to it' . . .
resurrected into love
I can belong
to quite another way
whose truth and life
is to come some day
to come some day!

— David J. Harding, England

The Only Way?
releases me
from the burden
of loving my neighbor
and trying to understand them.

allows me
the freedom
to ignore
the bonds of humanity.

teaches me
the right of might
the folly of love
the weakness of dreams.

asks me
a Question:
Must this be
The only way?

— Neil Thorogood, England

The Gift of Peace
Give peace to your sister
for this is a gift
to bring families together.
Give peace to your neighbour
for this is a gift
which brings unity in communities.
Give peace to your enemy
for this is a gift
which brings nations into agreement.
The gift of peace is precious
like oil poured out in abundance.
This peace is health and welfare for all.

— John Johansen-Berg, England

Deep Peace
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining star to you.
Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you.
Deep peace of the heart of Mary to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the rolling wave to you.
Deep peace of the bright blue sky to you.
Deep peace of the Prince of Peace to you.

— Traditional Celtic Blessing