"Paradoxically, then, the first step on a spiritual path today is to return to a sense of one's own body, to rediscover the central place where the axes cross and to reestablish one's center of gravity there — first at the center of gravity of the physical body in the hara, just below the navel (doorway to the world below); then, drawn by the center of attraction of aspiration just above the head (doorway to the world above), establishing the uniquely human center between the two, in the heart (doorway to communion with this world). Together, the three centers make a chord: do-mi-sol, which Tuckerkandl calls 'the holy chord.'

"Your body, paradigm of every house, temple, and cosmos, becomes, like Dante's Divine Comedy, a cabinet with knowledge and memories filed in order their proper levels, a reference library with instant access, faster than a computer, to show you where you are and which way to turn at this particular moment, in this particular situation. Your body becomes the house of Wisdom, who will guide you through life."