In meditation it is possible to dive —
deeper and deeper into the mind
to a place where there is no disturbance
and there is absolute solitude.
It is at this point in the profound stillness
that the sound of the mind can be heard.
It is like the sea breaking on a far off reef,
and it lulls the being into extreme calm.
Like the sea it is a music primeval
and here is no storm,
only the silken waves soughing.
When I listen to the sound of this sea,
I sense that I am a voyager
and this sound is a wind
in the sails of a ship.
But this sound is not of this world
for other sounds are heard distinctly
and cause this sound to die —,
though it returns with the silence.
Sometimes I think it as a transcendent sound —
which speaks of unknown powers.
of cosmic storms and sun winds
sighing in the brain.
This is no earthly voyage,
and I see visions of ships that sail on no earthly sea.
Our ships sail on upon a silent sea;
no wind, there is no sound
but we move on.