This sprightly paperback by Vicky Thompson, a popular workshop leader and a frequent speaker at spiritual expos, offers a 30-Day Plan for Spiritual Transformation that consists of affirmations and meditational prayers. The thematic areas covered include love, intuition, inner wisdom, forgiveness and service. Here is an example:

"When the river flows, grace is here.
"Where the bird soars, grace is here.
"Where the sun shines, grace is here.
"When I forgive, grace is here.
"When I remember, grace is here.
"God's grace smoothes my way.
"Grace becomes the road of my journey.
"The grace of God becomes me.

"Meditational Prayer

"Visualize a rainbow of colors streaming down from the heavens, wrapping you in the grace of God as you say the following prayer:

"Dear God, I hold your grace within me. I call upon grace to mend hearts I have hurt, to let go of sorrows and regrets, to illuminate my path with truth, and to bless others I have known and will meet upon my journey. Amen."

This combination of affirmations and meditational prayers is something that only takes a few minutes every day — yet it can change the way you see yourself, the world and other people. The spiritual qualities that are presented here include some of the practices in our book Spiritual Literacy, including joy, vision, faith, hope, unity, compassion, peace and gratitude.

Try a Spiritual Practice on Joy