Edward Hays is the author of many books on contemporary spirituality including The Passionate Troubadour and The Pilgrimage Way of the Cross. We can always depend that this imaginative Christian will perk up our minds, hearts, and souls with his meditations.

In this paperback, Hays ushers us through the Advent season with twenty-nine daily reflections and one prayer (see the excerpt). With typical élan and good cheer, he covers all the bases with little reminders that Advent is a time to anticipate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day, to stay awake during a season of the year when we are all tired, to participate in the "hard construction work" that needs to be done on our own egos, to examine our conscience and seek the forgiveness of sins, to reflect on the birthing pains of Mary, to wonder while we work, to let God's grace make us tipsy with joy, to be careful, and to let love and generosity govern all of our days.

We felt Advent rise within us like a tide as we read these pages and we found ourselves happy to see quotations from the Qur'an, Rumi, G.K. Chesterton, Robert Frost, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Hays always hits the spot. He is Mr. Reliable, who always has a rainbow hidden away in his prose. So don't fret if you received this notice of his wonderful book so late. Step right into the Advent stream and let the words lead you into wonder and peace and joy.

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