Macrina Wiederkehr is a Benedictine sister whose previous books (A Tree Full of Angels, Seasons of Your Heart, The Song of the Seed) serve as outstanding primers on the practice of everyday spirituality. Here she challenges us to nurture our souls with memories. Through poems, prayers, and journal excerpts, Wiederkehr discovers gold in her past experiences. These sacred moments and glimpses of God are "baptisms of beauty."

Wiederkehr counsels us to mine the meanings of both good and bad memories. An excellent chapter revolves around books that have been a healing force in her life such as John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany and Clarissa Pinkola Estes's The Faithful Gardener. Wiederkehr saves the best for last — an explanation of ritual as a way of locating the gold in your memories. By celebrating her birthday once a month, she honors those who have loved and sustained her ministry. The author also illustrates how pilgrimages to hallowed places in your life can be sources of insight and revelation. This paperback is an exceptional resource for spiritual growth.

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