For 20 years the controversial and always thought-provoking Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong wrote monthly essays for the Newark diocesan newspaper The Voice. His wife Christine Spong has gathered together and edited 50 of these pieces, which cover theological, political, moral, and personal concerns. The frame that holds them all together is the following thought: "A pilgrim people that journeys together toward God must be in touch with the issues of our day, allowing our deepest prejudices to be challenged, loving ourselves and others into an expanded life, willing to be opened to a new emerging consciousness. We must also keep the vision of God before us as we walk into every new frontier."

Bishop Spong pays tribute to his three favorite moral mentors: John Hines, John A. T. Robinson (Honest to God), and Desmond Tutu. He challenges us to find more inclusive ways to respond to God's truth in our time through interfaith dialogue. He speaks his mind on abortion and assisted suicide. He criticizes ecclesiastical power games and those Christians who espouse "biblical morality" that is nothing more than "a code word for perpetuating the prejudices of the past against women and homosexual persons." Praise be to God for Bishop Spong's vocation as a Christian and as a bishop!