Jamie Sams is a bestselling Native American writer and artist of Cherokee, Seneca, and French descent. She is the creator of the Medicine Cards and Sacred Path Cards. After 25 years of study with two Native American dreaming societies, she has come up with this map of the sacred paths of initiation and transformation. The goal is to learn to heal the past and all regret, to cast aside fear of the future, and to focus on being aware and fully present at all times.

The seven paths of human spiritual development are: (1) readiness for change, (2) the healing of relationships, (3) introspection, (4) the proper use of wisdom, unconditional love, and compassion, (5) moving in the spiritual realms, (6) reconnecting with the earth and the spirit in all things, and (7) full awareness of the present moment. According to Sams, "If you are alive, you are on a sacred path." Throughout our days, we are walking on several paths at the same time — this is not a linear process. While "dancing the dream," we are opening to the stillness, to the oneness of the universe, and to the awesomeness of the Great Mystery. The Native American wisdom in this book is both practical and visionary.