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Jamie Sams A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Jamie Sams, author, retreat leader and knowledge-holder for Cherokee and Seneca tribes.
Looks Far Woman A prayer for vision and guidance, praising women's dignity.
Earth Mother Jamie Sams prayer to truly know the blessings of the earth.
The Great Mystery A prayer of gratitude for the natural world.
The 13 Original Clan Mothers An explanation of what Walks Tall Woman teaches us.
Earth Medicine Jamie Sams on listening instead of interrupting in Native American culture.
Divination A book and 53-card set that is based upon Native American wisdom about the spiritual lessons that can be learned from animal stories.
Earth Medicine A nifty collection of meditations, poems, and stories that accentuate Native American spirituality.
Medicine Cards Native American wisdom in a book and card set with forty-four animals providing lessons.
Dancing the Dream Native American wisdom that is both practical and visionary.