Barbara Biziou believes that rituals enable our minds to expand, our moods to change, and our spirits to rise. She has experienced these special moments in time all over the world — a Native American ceremony for the full moon, a Chinese New Year celebration, a Scandinavian tribute to Santa Lucia, and a Buddhist empowerment rite. She is convinced that rituals can be used for many purposes — "connecting with others, healing, enhancing creativity, ushering in a new life stage, and even simply acknowledging daily routines."

In this valuable guide, the author presents everyday rituals, rites of passage, rituals for moving through stressful times, rituals for relationships, rituals of connection, rituals for health, and rituals for women and men. Some of these take only a few minutes, such as the Latin American practice where a mother or grandmother blesses each person as they leave the house in the morning. Others are more elaborate.

The Zulus hold that traditional rituals constitute the family treasure. This sourcebook of rites and ceremonies will help you increase your household's share of this kind of wealth.