Jonathan Star studied Eastern religion and architecture at Harvard University. For the past 15 years he has pursued spiritual practice, both Zen meditation and yogic disciplines. He has translated the poems of Rumi and the Tao Te Ching — samples of each appear in this collection.

The Inner Treasure will speak to the mystic inside of you. Star has gathered together a rich sampler of the world's great sacred and mystical writings with chapters on the scriptures of India, the sages of Taoism, the Buddhist masters, the wisdom of the Hebrews, the stoic philosophers, the Sufi poets, the Christian saints, and the poet-saints of India. The author notes at the outset: "Each word uttered by an enlightened soul is infused with divinity and the power of direct experience; and their words have the ability to bring us into their world, put us into their company, and coax us inward so that we may experience our own greatness."

Savor the mystical riches of Kabir who said, "Listen! The Lord of all plays His song within you!" Or Marcus Aurelius who proclaims, "Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Be one yourself!" And Jean-Pierre de Caussade who admonishes us, "We must offer ourselves to God like a clean, smooth canvas and not worry ourselves about what God may choose to paint on it." Across the religious traditions, these inspirational calls to reach the spiritual peak of ourselves come across loud and clear.