Eckhart Tolle is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and author of A New Earth and The Power of Now. On this seven-hour audio retreat he explores the art of presence. "In every seemingly ordinary moment," he states, "a profound depth and beauty awaits discovery."

Tolle believes that our obsession with the past and our attention to what might happen in the future are just ways of trying to escape the present moment. One of the teachings here is the practice of transforming our experience of the present moment as friendly rather than hostile. This means reassessing our perceptions of separation from the world and opening our hearts and minds to the "delicate flower" of presence.

The six sessions in this program cover:

• Living by Grace
• Discovering the Extraordinary
• Relationships
• Dissolving the Pain-Body
• Questions and Answers
• Freedom from Time

Among the many subjects Tolle examines are what it means to truly meet another person, how to find a home in silence and stillness, the lessons nature wants to teach you, reincarnation as a daily activity, relinquishing the future, doing one thing at a time, how the mind creates fear, and the natural arising of love. Here is one thought from this audio retreat:

"If you can sense the inner body when you're facing another human being (somebody you've never met before or someone you know) there is a moment of perhaps three seconds in which you just look at them. In that looking there is stillness. There is no judging. There is just a field of presence. It is then that you truly meet another human being."