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Eckhart Tolle A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Eckhart Tolle, famed spiritual teacher, public speaker and seminar leader, and commentator on new consciousness.
Ride the wave of enthusiasm Ride the wave of enthusiasm
Creating a New Earth Teachings on overcoming the many obstacles to presence.
Guardians of Being A celebration in words and illustrations of dogs and cats as spiritual teachers of stillness, joy, and being present.
The Art of Presence Teachings on being truly present in all our encounters and recognizing the present moment as friendly.
The Power of Now Meditation Deck 50 cards that serve as a set of cues to live in the present moment with attention and joy.
A New Earth Challenges us to live in the present moment, to surrender to the joy of Being, and to practice enthusiasm.
Stillness Speaks Modern sutras on ancient spiritual topics such as acceptance and surrender, nature, relationships, suffering, death, and the Eternal.
The Power of Now 52 cards based on his bestselling book about living in the present moment.
The Power of Now Explores the ample and transformative bounties of living in the present moment.