Neil Douglas-Klotz is an internationally known scholar of religious studies and psychology. He is the author of Desert Wisdom and Prayers of the Cosmos. In this revealing work, Douglas-Klotz looks at Jesus through a native Middle Eastern lens and comes up with an Aramaic spirituality. To spell out what this means in concrete terms, the author includes meditations, spiritual exercises, and holy prayers throughout the text.

Using the Gospel of Thomas and the "Q" and Mark sayings, Douglas-Klotz examines Jesus' teachings about the Sacred Unity in the form of Spirit breath, holiness-spaciousness, light-intelligence, and heaven and earth. The author reframes the root meanings of good and evil as ripe and unripe. He concludes that Jesus spoke eloquently and demonstrated in his deeds the different faces of love as compassion, relationship, and passion.

As a practicing Sufi, Douglas-Klotz remains open to the wisdom of all religious traditions. His book reveals that Jesus as "a Middle Eastern mystic" has much to teach us about the inner shalom and surrender to Holy Wisdom.