Gary Zukav emerged as a spiritual teacher of wide impact thanks to Oprah's support for his work on soul. His books have sold well over five million copies and have been published in 24 languages. This daybook offers 365 inspirational excerpts from his 2007 book Soul to Soul: Communications from the Heart. Here Zukav puts on display his special blend of psychological insight and spiritual observations. In short and pithy quotations, he explores the quest for meaning and the choices we make that determine our destiny.

Zukov challenges us to pay attention to our experiences and the imperatives of our hearts. Dealing in an open and honest way with our emotions — even the ones that cause us the most trouble — is a path that encourages spiritual growth. Under the banner of soul, Zukav covers many subjects including love, fear, letting go, resentment, anger, pain, beauty, intention, compassion, judgment, change, and much more.

Here is a sampler of quotations on teachers:

• "We live in a world of meaning. That world is the Earth school, the physical arena of our personal and collective experiences. We are the students. Our experiences are the curriculum."

• "When you resist your painful experiences, you ignore the guidance they offer."

• "Becoming your own authority means finding teachers inside yourself, and learning to value what you experience."

• "Every personality in the Earth school has lessons to learn and gifts to give."