Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and author of The Field and The Intention Experiment. She and her husband founded and edit several health newsletters in England and the United States. She regularly holds international conferences and workshops about the science of spirituality.

There are 6 CDs in this Sounds True Audio Learning Course. McTaggart explores the power of the mind to influence the universe. The course is divided into six sessions:

• The Science of Thoughts
• Receiving and Transmitting Intention
• How Thoughts Affect the Body
• Retro-Intention, Negative Intention, and Healing
• Powering Up
• The Intention Experiments

The keys to achieving an effective state of intentionality are powering up, reaching a state of peak intensity, merging with the other, being specific, and giving back. Intention masters from various traditions, including Buddhists monks, Quigong experts, and intuitive healers, all hold these traits in common. McTaggart also discusses athletes and mental rehearsal, the placebo effect, the power of negative intention, prayer studies, mass consciousness and intention, and sending intention via the Internet. These experiments with mind-over-matter are important because they illustrate ways individuals can help to transform the world.