This spunky and delightful children's book for those between five- to eight-years old begins with:

For my readers big and little,
tall and short, here and there . . .
I hope you enjoy this book from
beginning to end."

Welcome to a world of this and that. A world of cold and hot, old and new, straight and slanted, wet and dry. We live on a planet where has its own special qualities. That makes everyday experiences an adventure in diversity. Opposites do not clash or compete with each other. They just add to our appreciation of the many-sidedness of the everything — or what the Taoists used to call, a world of ten thousand things.

Hello, Good-bye contains the photographs of Arlene Alda whose work has appeared in numerous galleries. She is the author of 14 children's books. A native New Yorker, Arlene lives on Long Island with her husband, actor Alan Alda. Hello-Good-bye is an eye treat for children and will foster in them a keen respect for the opposites all around them.