In this illuminating and spiritually rich collection of essays, 17 teachers of the Insight Meditation Society present their understanding of the sacred journey, mindfulness, and loving kindness. Editor Sharon Salzberg has divided the book into three sections: the Buddha and the Lineage of Teachers, the Dharma and Understanding Practice, and the Sangha and Practice in Daily Life. She defines insight meditation as "the observation of the mind/body process with clear and focused awareness, leading to a deepening of wisdom and equanimity."

Steven Smith writes about empathy and wisdom as the cornerstones of sacred friendship. Christine Feldman discusses the importance of the Dharma in dealing with "the wanting mind and (its) endless shopping list built upon discontent." Larry Rosenberg describes the benefits of silence and the necessity of stilling the biggest noisemaker of all — the ego. Jack Kornfield outlines parenting as a spiritual practice while Rodney Smith sees service as a path of transformation. All of these essays open the door to fresh understandings of inner work.