Alan Epstein is a seminar leader and lecturer and cofounder with his wife of True Partners, an introduction and relationship counseling service. In this delightful and wide-ranging daybook, he has created 365 entry points into the kingdom of happiness. Epstein is convinced that happiness does not come to us from what lies outside us; it comes from the attitudes that we bring to each and every experience. Mindfulness can transform ordinary events into extraordinary ones:

"Mindfulness implies having a purpose — the setting forth of a plan, big or small; it implies bringing one's entire being to the project — the merging of mind, body, and spirit; it implies total immersion — no distractions, diversions, deterrents, or halfhearted attempts."

Here are a few examples of suggestions in the book:

• "Spend the day with a child, either of your own or someone else's and see the world through his or her eyes."

• "Give yourself more time to do things."

• "Celebrate something small in a big way."

• "Hold hands with someone special."