Chogyam Trungpa, one of the great Tibetan masters of meditation, presents the 59 slogans which have been used for centuries to train the mind and engender loving-kindness. They have been designed as exercises to reverse the ego's logic. For instance, take "Drive all blames into one." This practice means owning the blame instead of always pointing the finger at others. "Be grateful to everyone" is a slogan that enables us to rejoice in our dependence on others. "Abandon any hope of fruition" challenges us to stop trying to control the future or acting in such a way as to insure things go our way. "Don't expect applause" is a very difficult one since we've all been taught to take credit for making good things happen. The point is to practice kindness and generosity without any hope of recognition or reward. "Always maintain a joyful mind" cousels us to look on the positive side of things and keep our spirits up. Trungpa really hits the bull's eye with his commentary on the slogans. They are essential tools for the spiritual warrior in a world of difficulties, disappointments, surprises, and constant change.