A cougar cub brother and sister live in their den alone. Their mother is dead. They are wary of strangers. One day while they are playing imaginative games in the forest, they encounter a blind bobcat who doesn't look like them at all. Although they enjoy playing with him, they are not at all sure he is like them. But then he offers to lead them back to their den: "Let me lead you both home, for my feet know the trail. My heart is my yes, and my friends I won't fail." Arriving back where they started from, the brother and sister realize that perhaps the bobcat is just like them.

This inventive children's book has been written and designed by Sharon Cramer and is suitable for children ages four through eight. It is sad to realize how many children treat outsiders or those with physical differences and disabilities disgracefully. Cougar Cub Tales: I'm Just Like You celebrates the unity that exists among the brother, sister and bobcat stranger. It's a perfect illustration of the spiritual practices of openness and hospitality to strangers and unity with all.