It is easy for children to marvel at the patience of Noah who had to load all of the animals, two by two in the ark. What a gigantic project it was. No one has told us how the animals behaved once aboard the vessel that would save them from certain death. Now Susan Campbell Bartoletti has fashioned a beguiling children's book that puts us aboard the ark and presents a touching account of what happened.

Naamah is Noah's wife and her name means "great singer." When the rains come and there is lightning and thunder, the animals are restless. . Naamah sings to them all night. This caring woman also sings for the moon and the stars, for earth and sky, and for her sons and their wives. Her songs are soothing to all ears, and two two by two the animals and people go to sleep.

Bartoletti calls the text "a lullaby," and the lovely collage artwork by Holly Mead perfectly matches the mood of the story. This book is designed for children 4 - 8. It depicts the spiritual nature of singing when it is done to make the world right and to calm the restless soul.