Rick Jarow is a professor of history of religious studies at Vassar College and a practicing career consultant. In this two-and-one-half hour audio presentation, he looks at the process behind building a "holistic career." That means one based on belonging, relatedness, interdependence, inner freedom, fulfillment, and creativity.

In order to shed light on the true meaning of work, Jarow examines a variety of visions of vocation from the world's wisdom traditions. He begins with the Indian concept of "dharma" where being and doing are one. Next he moves through the six realms of consciousness developed by Tibetan Buddhists. His explanations of these states help put into focus the different reactions we have to work. Next is the Taoist understanding of flow and movement without pushing. Jarow salutes the Confucian tradition of harmony based on right relationships. He also finds value in the Zen Buddhist view of craft as supportive of mindfulness, care, and discipline.

Whether he is discussing the integration of opposites or the idea of calling, Jarow proves to be a fine guide through the field of right livelihood. This is one of the best spoken-word audio presentations available on work and the art of finding meaning in it.