Although Giraffe and Bird are bosom buddies, they sometimes get on each other's nerves. When the bird wakes his friend up very early in the morning with a chirpy song, the giraffe clears his throat; Bird flutters around and tickles Giraffe's throad, who then breaks into a trot. The two race until they are very thirsty.

Bird stops for a refreshing drink in a pond but the baffled giraffe can't figure out how to get a sip of water without getting his hooves wet. As he contorts his body trying to complete his mission, all the other animals at the pond laugh at him. Bird then notices his friend is embarrassed and that his feelings have been hurt. He comes up with a plan of action to make things right.

Author and illustrator Rebecca Bender has fashioned a delightful children's picture book for kids ages 4 through 7. It is one thing for people to laugh with one another in unison and quite another thing to laugh at others. Seeing his friend humiliated and unhappy brings out Bird's caring and creativity. Don't Laugh at Giraffe covers both the good and the bad sides of laughter.