Jan Phillips is an internationally known author and speaker. Her workshops have been sponsored by the International Women's Writing Guild, and her award-winning photographs and articles appear in The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Utne Reader, and other national publications. She has written many books including God Is at Eye Level and Marry Your Muse. Visit her website at www.janphillips.com.

This timely book is aimed at the large numbers of "nones" — Americans who say they are not affiliated with any religion or institution. Those who also describe themselves as "spiritual but not religious" are interested in spiritual growth and practice but tired of dogma, ancient creeds, and the hostility of religious people toward strangers and outsiders. In her last book, No Ordinary Time: The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence and Evolutionary Creativity , Phillips put creativity, mysticism, and consciousness raising into startling new configurations for those seeking a more mature and liberating spiritual path. This book is billed as "a road map to joy and rejuvenation," and it imaginatively uses road signs to signify various phases of the spiritual journey: stop, lane ends, yield, curves ahead, end divided highway, falling rocks ahead, workers ahead, merge, one way, and crossroad.

With her usual enthusiasm and pluck, Phillips reflects upon mindfulness, faith, Infinite Mind, the grace of surrendering, miracles, the dead end of dualistic thinking, commitment, community, and much more. Philosopher Jacob Needleman has stated that group pondering may well be the art form of the future. Spiritual seekers relish getting together with others to share experiences and to come to grips with the mysteries of God and of the human adventure. Phillips has written a handy guide that these groups and individual seekers are bound to appreciate.