99 Blessings A model on how blessings can deepen and enrich the spirituality of everyday life.
A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home A wonderful tribute to Pransky, a gifted therapy dog in a nursing home and an authentic spiritual teacher of love.
Animal Wise A stunning defense of animal cognition and emotion by a sensitive and compassionate science journalist.
Art as Therapy A radical reinterpretation of art that makes it more relevant to everyday life and the questions of meaning and purpose.
Big Data An assessment of the datification of society with its quantitative emphasis on all that we do.
Bird Medicine A masterwork of insight and inspiration distilling the wisdom of winged spiritual teachers as interpreted by Native Americans in stories and rituals.
Blush A sprightly and well-written memoir about the childhood and coming of age of a Mennonite girl who wants to make a splash in the world.
Burning the Midnight Oil An engaging, entertaining, and edifying anthology of poems, prayers, and philosophical ditties for nighthawks.
Caravan of Souls Insights into the spiritual life and work of the Sufi sage Hazrat Inayat Khan.
Children of the Days An impressive work of cogent, creative insight from a prophet who opens our eyes to the world as it could be if we would fight for peace, justice, and human equality.
Crafting Calm 40 creative projects and practices for calm, comfort, contemplation, creation, and community.
Dancing with Fire Fresh takes on attachment, desire, longing, intimacy, love, and spiritual meaning in relationships.
Desmond and the Very Mean Word A spiritually animated story about Desmond Tutu's boyhood experience grappling with racial hatred against him. For Children
Dream Animals A beautifully illustrated book about two children's adventures in various dreamlands. For Children
Drone Warfare A hard-hitting alarm call about the dangers and the inhumanity of killer and spy drones.
Emotional Intimacy Ways and practices to raise your emotional IQ.
Finding God Beyond Religion Concerns and themes of interest to the spiritual but not religious crowd.
Finding the On-Ramp to Your Spiritual Path A timely book with a creative punch and verve for religiously unaffiliated people on a spiritual path.
Focus A master work on attention and its value in our digital world.
Fully Awake and Truly Alive A masterful and down-to-earth resource on spiritual practices that bring zest to everyday life.
God's Other Children The spiritual adventures of a Catholic scholar in India where he learns much from the Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists he encounters.
Happier Endings A substantive meditation on death and dying.
Happy City Reports on the humanizing redesign of cities and the rejoicing of urban dwellers who are thankful for the changes, especially the downplaying of cars.
Hardwiring Happiness A new classic in transformation exploring the salutary impact of the mind and positive experiences on the negativity of the brain.
How Roland Rolls A children's picture book about a wave who discovers that he's also the ocean and is interconnected with all of life. For Children
I Wish I Had . . . A bountiful children's book that looks at the soulful and emotionally expressive animals that we are privileged to have as travelling companions on the road of life. For Children
In the Company of the Poor Conversations and essays bringing together two prominent Christian activists for the poor.
Journey A wordless picture book in which a little girl goes on an adventure that reveals her empathy, kindness, and heroism. For Children
Living the Quaker Way A solid and substantive guide to the Quaker path and its five essential building blocks.
Mindfulness A summation of the multidimensional world of mindfulness.
Moment to Moment Essays pondering the joys and wonders of a spiritual journey of transformation over the past 20 years.
My Neighbor Is a Dog A delightful children's tale about being open and hospitable to strangers who become neighbors. For Children
No Ordinary Apple A children's picture book on how to engage all the senses and practice mindfulness while eating. For Children
Nurturing the Soul of Your Family One of the best books in many a moon on spiritual parenting and the creation of soulful families.
Occupy Spirituality A profound prophetic dialogue across generations about a radical spirituality that honors both contemplation and social action.
Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent Resources and sacred texts for seekers affiliated with no particular religious tradition.
Pilgrimage A top-drawer, eclectic, and creative meditation on the sacred art of pilgrimage.
Present Shock A smart, wide-ranging, prophetic, and useful assessment of presentism.
Reduced to Joy 73 poems on the harvested meanings and memories of a full and rich life.
Social An exploration of the many ramifications of the drive for social connection.
Spiritual Connection in Daily Life Explanation of how a program of 16 questions spurs spiritual growth.
Spiritual Ecology An inspiring collection of essays by spiritual teachers and writers marching under the banner of spiritual ecology.
Spiritual Gems of Islam The spiritual riches of Islam conveyed through quotes and stories illustrating key concepts plus ways to apply them in everyday life.
The App Generation Thought-provoking report on the App Generation and what technology is doing to their identity, intimacy, and imagination.
The Big Disconnect Practical suggestions to deal with challenges created by digital work in homes and schools.
The Coming Interspiritual Age A map of the age of interspirituality presented with a rare blend of high-powered energy, enthusiasm, and zeal.
The Deer Watch A wonder-full children's picture book about a boy and his father who go on a quest to see a deer in the wild. For Children
The Dude and the Zen Master A playful dialogue between the famous actor and the activist Zen Master.
The End of Night An eloquently written and awesome tribute to darkness and nights.
The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo A window into Native American spirituality that touches the heart and stirs the soul.
The King of Little Things A fanciful children's picture book that beckons us to honor and treat kindly all the little things in our lives that we take for granted. For Children
The Lunar Tao Taoist meditations by a sensitive connoisseur of everyday spirituality.
The Nostalgia Factory An engaging book on memory and ageing that melds psychology, science, and stories from elders.
The Unwinding A bold and illuminating four-decade portrait of the decline of America.
The Wonder of Aging An exploration of the three stages of the second half of life and the importance of becoming a spiritual elder.
Training in Compassion Substantive commentaries by a Zen master on 59 Tibetan Buddhist slogans used in mind training.
Two Shy Pandas A delightful children's book about two adorable pandas who want to be friends and break through their shyness. For Children
Walk Like A Buddha Wise counsel for the young who want to walk the Buddhist path.
Writing to Wake the Soul Insights and exercises on writing as a spiritual practice with probes on ten key spiritual words.
Yes/And . . . A sterling collection of spiritual essays which can be seen as part of this prolific Franciscan priest's legacy work.