"I have found the cup to be a powerful teacher for my inner life," writes Joyce Rupp in this wonderful series of meditations. "The ordinariness of the cup reminds me that my personal transformation occurs in the common crevices of each day. The cup is an apt image for the inner processes of growth. The cup is a reminder of my spiritual thirst."

As anyone who has read any of her other books knows, Joyce Rupp is a gifted teacher who makes everyday spirituality dramatic, palpable, and transformative. Here she offers six weekly themes based on the cup, a rich symbol of life with its emptiness and fullness, its brokenness and flaws, and its gifts and blessings. Each day has a section that includes an essay, a wisdom saying, a scripture passage, an imagery exercise using a cup, prayers, questions for journaling, and a practice to be carried out during the rest of the day.

Rupp is a connossieur of attentiveness, imagination, and prayer. For example, she draws a link between a cup brimming over and the following practice: "As I pour liquids of any kind into a cup, a glass or a bowl, I will smile inside as I remember how generous God is in filling my life with blessings."

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