Sharon Salzberg has taught meditation for 40 years, written nine books, co-founded the Insight Meditation Society, and been a contributing editor at O, The Oprah Magazine while writing for many other publications. She is profiled as a Living Spiritual Teacher at Spirituality & Practice. Visit her website at

In the introduction to this paperback, Salzberg notes that we spend more of our waking hours at our jobs than anywhere else. Americans put in more hours at work than people in any other country in the world. Despite, or perhaps due to, these startling statistics, many Americans are worried about being fired, undergoing harassment from their boss, or getting burned-out.

Salzberg has for many years been teaching meditation as a means to peace of mind. Focusing on how to achieve this in the workplace, she includes five Core Meditations: mindfulness of the breath, identifying emotions, the body and walking, letting go of thoughts, and practicing loving-kindness. To address common issues at work, she explicates the Eight Pillars of Happiness in the Workplace: balance, concentration, compassion, resilience, communication and connection, integrity, meaning, and open awareness. Each has its own chapter with additional meditations and exercises.

Salzberg has some practical and profound things to say about negative emotions, boredom, procrastination, the illusion of control, patience and perspective, the culture of disparagement, teamwork, and doing better. We especially liked her pithy "Stealth Meditations." Here's one example:

"Mentally acknowledge those who have helped you learn the skills you have, who have taught you to be better at your job. We are all part of a larger picture."