Geri Larkin was ordained as a Buddhist dharma teacher in 1995. She is the founder and teacher of Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple in Detroit and the author of five books including Stumbling Toward Enlightenment and First You Shave Your Head. In this paperback, she presents the relationship wisdom of the early female followers of Buddha. She states: "I bow in gratitude to those women who, almost three thousand years ago, got off the floor; shaved their heads; and broke their own rules, habits, and cultural norms and in so doing raised happiness, joy, and delight to new levels." The book is divided into nine chapters showing how these women worked through the relationship difficulties such as the loss of a spouse or the betrayal of a lover.

Those familiar with Larkin's idiosyncratic perspectives will be delighted with her application of "crazy wisdom" to many relationship challenges. For instance, she points out that it is possible to use gratitude as an antidote to the all consuming anger that can destroy intimacy. Larkin describes all the furies of jealousy and then suggests a crazy wisdom antidote: try being happy for the good fortune of others. Her takes on adultery and loneliness are also well worth checking out. Love Dharma applies ancient wisdom to some of the messes and miseries of modern relationships.