Diarmuid O'Murchu is a Catholic priest and social psychologist in London who is mesmerized by all the wild possibilities of life transforming life on both a personal and a planetary scale. He has been writing about the connections between science and religion for many years; his books include Quantum Theology, Reclaiming Spirituality and Religion in Exile: A Spiritual Homecoming.

At the outset of this dramatic theological work, O'Murchu states: "It is time to embrace the grandeur, complexity, and paradox that characterize evolution at every stage, a story that continues to unfold under the mysterious wisdom of our cocreative God, whose strategies always have, and always will, outwit our human and religious desire for neat, predictable outcomes." In four sections that all intertwine, the author spells out "our great story" of evolution, synergy (an emptiness that overflows, aliveness as an E-merging property), relationality (the Divine as relational matrix, thriving on paradox, boundaries that no longer hold), embodiment ("This is my body," humanity's rightful place, incarnation: African style), and consciousness (the future of evolution, consciousness and globalization, our next evolutionary leap).

What are some of the most important dimensions of evolutionary faith? O'Murchu celebrates the innovation and creativity of the universe with all its constant newness and rebirths. He loves the diversity in every precinct of the natural world. No two atoms are alike. He is convinced that "communion is the goal of all movement, personal and planetary alike." And closely allied with this dimension of relationality in the cosmos is the new emphasis upon Spirit in the evolutionary story. The author concurs with William Johnston and others who see mysticism as the most capacious spiritual perspective for a world of constant novelty, transformation, communion, and Spirit. Adventure is built into the very core of evolutionary faith, and O'Murchu conveys this excitement in his writing.