World-renowned artist and teacher Frederick Franck shares his philosophy and spiritual approach to creativity. The author of the classic The Zen of Seeing has drawings and paintings in the permanent collections of more than 20 museums throughout the world.

"The Meaning of Life is to see," said the seventh century Zen sage Hui Neng. Franck agrees. In this user-friendly paperback he presents techniques for "seeing/drawing," which he has used in workshops over the past 20 years. There are exercises on drawing from the heart, caressing, accenting, catching the lightning, and keeping the artists within attentive.

More than 100 of Franck's exquisite drawings are peppered throughout the book. They ably demonstrate his meditative approach. He notes: "The moment the eye opens up, all becomes equally fascinating, equally inspiring, equally pregnant with meaning." Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing is a wonder-inducing and deeply spiritual resource.