Barbara and Kevin Kurtz have been practicing reflexology for 25 years and are the authors of Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology. This ancient healing art from Egypt, China, and Japan is the practice of applying pressure "to specific points on the feet and hands to influence the health of corresponding parts of the body. 'Pressure sensors' on the hands and the feet connect with different parts of the body, and as reflexology techniques stimulate these sensors, waves of relaxation are sent throughout the body." This natural, safe, and effective therapy has been used on babies, children, individuals with disabilities, and elderly people. Research has proven that it can be very beneficial to postoperative patients.

Eighty-six percent of the world's population experience a foot problem at some point in life. That is no wonder given the way we ignore these body parts or abuse them with terrible shoes. The Kurtzs provide maps that show areas of the feet and hands that correspond to other parts of the body. They then explain the steps in a complete reflexology sequence for the feet and hands; good color illustrations make the whole process seem very doable!

This paperback could prove to be especially helpful to those suffering from problems stemming from excessive time in front of computers — eyestrain, headaches, and wrist stiffness. The authors show which points to massage to treat these symptoms. For more information on the work of this couple check out their website