We have been very impressed with the wisdom accrued by those attending the recovery programs of AA, Al-Anon, OA, NA, Alateen, CoDA, SLAA, and other 12 Step programs. A friend once told us about the "as if" practice she picked up at one of her meetings. Every hour of every day you're supposed to act as if you are a punctual or committed or hard-working person. Sooner or later, if you do it enough, the act will manifest itself in your life as truth.

The author of this wonderful paperback, Brian L. has attended over 2500 12 Step meetings during more than a decade in Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery programs. He has put together in one volume his favorite sayings, quotes, and tips from the sharing and insights of others in these communities. The material here can be used as supplemental material for those in 12 Step programs and by anyone else looking for cogent advice on the path of spiritual transformation.

Quite a number of slogans or sayings deal with the sanity and serenity that comes when we surrender our lives to God. Resting in the faith that the Holy One will care for us and look after us no matter what happens is essential in recovery. "Everything is going to be All Right" is a fine mantra that can provide just the right encouragement when we need it. A variation is "Everything can go wrong today and I will still be okay." This hits the mark for those of us who fret over setbacks and get bent out of shape when things do not go our way.

Surrender is another way of describing the spiritual practice of letting go. The slogan "We can make the plans but we can't plan the results" recognizes that we are not in charge. So does one of our favorites: "Visualize yourself getting out of The Director's Chair." Many of us trip, stumble, and fall when we allow our moods of anger and resentment to propel us to actions that turn out to be self-destructive. Here are a few tips. "Holding on to resentments is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die." And: "Lord, please help me to keep my mouth shut."

Positive intentions mean a lot on the path of recovery. "I used to feel impending doom: Now I feel impending good." Even better, try adopting this attitude: "When things are difficult to read choose to read them as good." Let's close with another one of our favorites: "Whenever you have a problem, you will always find your fingerprints on it."