Retta Blaney is a theatre and religion writer in Manhattan. She is editor of the anthology Journalism Stories from the Real World and has written for many publications including Spirituality & Health. Blaney is founder and coordinator of Broadway Blessing, an interfaith service of song and scripture reading that brings the theatre community together every September to ask God's blessing on the new season. In this creative and soulful paperback, she has gotten a variety of actors to talk about their experiences of faith, staying in the moment, listening, silence, prayer, self-knowledge, community, hospitality, ritual. and transformation. Among those who share their spiritual wisdom are Catholic Edward Herrmann, Baptist Michael McElroy, Catholic Vanessa Williams, Orthodox Jew Dudu Fisher, and Irish Catholic Liam Neeson.

At the end of each chapter, Blaney includes more perspectives by clergy and other individuals working in realms where acting and religion meet. Once you read this book, you will have a greater appreciation of the spiritual practices that can animate your performances on your daily stage. Hopefully, it will also help you to think more deeply about the transformative ritual of theatre and other performing arts.