Here is proof positive that crafts are much more than creative outlets —they can be catalysts of our personal transformation. Susan Gordon Lydon shows how knitting has played a major role in her life as prayer, passion, inward journey, stress reducer, source of renewal, and service of others. Throughout the book, the author presents wonderful insights into this ancient craft, especially the important role it has played in aboriginal societies.

Knitting has led Lydon into ever-expanding circles of understanding. It is the lure that enables her to delve into the spiritual riches of Native American spirituality, Arica, Sufism, and Judaism. It has been a spiritual teacher during periods of illness and depression. And as a result, she concludes, "The purpose of craft is not so much to make beautiful things as to become beautiful inside while you are making those things." The Knitting Sutra shows how craft can be a spiritual practice which facilitates an appreciation for the connectedness of all things.