Stephen McFadden's Profiles In Wisdom: Native Elders Speak About the Earth draws together interviews with an extraordinary group of Native American keepers of wisdom. These 17 elders suggest ways of understanding the major challenges facing people today as we come to terms with environmental degradation and cultural confusion.

As McFadden points out in his introduction, these teachings have in common "reverence for the Earth as the basic source of our livelihood; recognition that we are in a spiritual relationship with all of life; and tolerance of other beliefs or attitudes." The Native American elders emphasize the importance of seeing ourselves as caretakers of the earth and of one another. They embrace a diversity of spiritual practices and celebrate "the rainbow colors" of humanity. An attitude of gratitude comes through in their statements about nature, the turn of the seasons, and the special gifts of animals.

Profiles in Wisdom contains discerning counsel for all those who want to step alertly on their Earthwalk.