This book presents a sweeping overview of how caring for the earth can serve as a catalyst for the transformation of psychotherapy, teaching, parenting, and community action. The author, who is coeditor of the Fortress Press series "Creative Pastoral Care and Counseling," argues that before we can find meaning and fulfillment as individuals, we must solve the problem of our alienation from the natural world.

Clinebell presents a smorgasbord of thematic ideas and resources from native peoples, ecofeminists, bioregionalists, and theologians which are earth-nurturing. "The greening of the embodied self" can be activated by six transforming perspectives which the author sees as the foundation for ecotherapy and ecoeducation. Although much of this sounds abstract, Clinebell has plenty of practical suggestions for making living and working places greener and cleaner. Ethics, after all, is at the heart of ecology. This interdisciplinary resource is a must-have volume for all earth-cherishing readers.