"Let us take care of the children, for they have a long way to go. Let us take care of the elders, for they have come a long way. Let us take care of those in between, for they are doing the work."

This is from an African prayer included in this paperback edited by Maggie Oman, a spiritual director formerly with the Institute for Noetic Sciences. Here is a daily meditation tool starting with December 21, Winter Solstice. The editor views healing in the broadest sense of the term, taking within its embrace physical, emotional, interpersonal, social, and ecological aspects.

Again and again, the spiritual practice of connections is emphasized. For example, the Chinook Psalter tells us: "May all things move and be moved in me and know and be known in me. May all creation dance for joy within me." Kahlil Gibran believes that wonder can be used as an antidote for pain. Joan Halifax prays: "May my body /Be a prayerstick / For the world." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin celebrates the unity that binds us together with our neighbors, and Albert Schweitzer draws close to the suffering of animals in his thoughts.

This excellent devotional volume also includes original prayers by Marion Woodman, Rachel Naomi Remen, Hugh Prather, Jack Kornfield, and many others.It has become one of our very favorite prayer books.