In her rousing book Sweat Your Prayers, Gabrielle Roth charted various techniques to liberate the sexual, creative, and sacred aspects of the soul. We recommended that exploration of the spiritual dimensions of dance to all adventuresome practitioners of devotion. In Connections, another energetic and soul-stirring volume, Roth examines the power of intuition to give our lives direction and meaning. She sees this faculty as "that holy spark of divine wisdom" that can serve as a passport to a much wider world than our senses can apprehend. But the ego blocks, suppresses, and stifles this birthright. It never tires of trying to hide, diminish, separate, and sabotage us.

The five threads that ignite our inner guidance are instinct, intimacy, imagination, integrity, and inspiration. Roth, a theater director, dance teacher/explorer, and recording artist, comes up with many fascinating observations, exercises, and illustrative stories as she journeys to the realms of mystery, darkness, chaos, unity, and destiny. For example, loneliness is a phantom feeling since you are never alone "once you've made a connection to the mysterious, multifaceted, diamond, glow-in-the-dark self."

Roth, who takes such pleasure in dance, also loves words and has filled the text with juicy quotations by Carlos Castaneda, Pablo Neruda, Samuel Beckett, Bernie Mack, Hafiz, and others. By spotlighting intuition, she encourages us to outsmart our egos and fly on the wings of this dramatic and dynamic spiritual force that has animated some of the great artists and saints.