In Everyday Epiphanies Melannie Svoboda shares the many moments of insight, inspiration, or grace in her life. The author of Traits of a Healthy Spirituality is on the staff of the Jesuit Novitiate in Berkley, Michigan. Her goal in this devotional paperback is to help us "become more sensitive to the many subtle manifestations of God in our everyday lives."

Svoboda emulates Emily Dickinson as she savors rich experiences at home. Animals and plants, she reveals, have much to teach us. Check out her conversations with a herd of cows and an ancient willow tree. She sees Valentine's Day as a perfect occasion to celebrate love's preciousness. Easter is a day to open ourselves up to surprises. A time of putting the groceries away can be transformed from an onerous chore into a spiritual practice of gratitude.

Svoboda challenges us to reframe our understandings of prayer with vignettes on praying with our bodies and praying with pictures. She spices up this wonderful volume with meditations on faith, silence, pleasure, and the art of pondering. The reformation of Christianity will be carried out in the seemingly small and insignificant acts of believers. Svoboda's keen and exuberant celebration of everyday spirituality will lift your spirit and speak to your soul.

Try a Spiritual Practice on Transformation