"Finding the hidden dimensions in yourself is the only way to fulfill your deepest hunger," writes bestselling author Deepak Chopra. He is convinced that all the wisdom and guidance we need for the arduous journey of life is already present within: all we have to do is tap into this reservoir of truth. What does he mean by this? Chopra delineates a few principles: Your awareness is always open to change. You feel acceptance for all others as your equal. You feel a sense of connection with your source. Your being is cradled in the rhythms of the universe.

One of the problems with spiritual seekers is that they travel far and wide when everything they need is at hand, says the author. He outlines a few pitfalls of seekers: their need to know where they are going, their struggle to get there, using someone else's map, working to improve yourself, setting a timetable, and waiting for a miracle. Chopra challenges readers to stay open to mystery and to other emergent spiritual properties such as reverence for life, fearlessness, nonattachment, and wholeness. Good advice.

Chopra slowly and reflectively unspools the 15 secrets of life. Here are a few of them: Freedom tames the mind. Every life is spiritual. You live in multidimensions. The universe thinks through you. There is no time but now. The most interesting secret is this one: Evil is not your enemy. That one will not sit well with those who have separated themselves from others and divided the world into an "us" versus "them" battle. In connection to this secret, Chopra makes some valid points about the importance of doing shadow work. There are also thought-provoking sections the spiritual practices of surrender, being present, and trying to be patient. Chopra has written many books, and this is one of his best.