“Within each of us is a divine treasure, and if we hope to discover it
we need to go deep into the heart of who we are.”

“To find that treasure requires that we work like a wood carver
who does not work by adding but by cutting away, removing what is rough
to reveal what shimmers from within.”
— Meister Eckhart

We invite you to join Jon M. Sweeney, S&P’s Contributing Editor for Books and New Media, for a month of discovery with Meister Eckhart. This unique medieval Christian mystic (1260 – 1329) was also a philosopher, feminist, preacher, theologian, and poet. His stirring words and liberating thoughts have survived over the centuries and appeal to many spiritual seekers, spiritually independents, modern day theosophists, and interfaith practitioners.

In three books of poetic meditations -- Meister Eckhart’s Book of the Heart, Meister’s Eckhart’s Book of Secrets, and Meister Eckhart’s Book of Darkness and Light -- Jon M. Sweeney and co-author Mark S. Burrows have presented “re-voicings of Eckhart’s thought drawing on key images, phrases, and ideas found in his writings.” For this e-course, Sweeney will draw from those collections to create 30 daily meditations, each with a poem from Eckhart, a commentary on the text by Sweeney, a lectio divina process to follow with the text, and a daily practice related to the theme of the poem. On May 23, from 1 - 2 pm PT, Jon will join us on Zoom to hear your responses to Eckhart and answer any questions you might have. The call will be recorded but we encourage you to attend live.

This e-course could be subtitled: “When Darkness Comes, We Learn from It.” Eckhart shows us how the purpose of life is not to find directions where or how to go, but to find your unique path, which is often in and through the darknesses of life. Setting out doesn’t require more baggage than you have when you are empty-handed. What you need most of all is to let go of what you thought you needed, and who you thought you were. You need courage, and the willingness to see in a new way.

Discover how Eckhart’s wisdom speaks to you! You’ll find a sample poem below. In May, we will send you many more! Click on Subscribe to E-Course button to register. (4 CEHs for chaplains available.)

Meister Eckhart

Wednesday, May 1 - Friday, May 31


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