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" 'Let there be light,' is the transcendent creative light
that is present as the basic energy of everything that exists.
... It is that light that is the source of the spiritual nature
of our being. It is that light that dwells in us
as our inmost spiritual nature and
... shows us exactly who we are and the true state
of our relationship with God....
The journey into the light,
which is synonymous with the true self
... is to make ourselves aware of the height,
length, breadth, and depth of the love of Christ
in taking on our human nature."
-- Thomas Keating in Consenting to God As God Is

We invite you to join with us in making 2017 a time to enliven our individual and community practices, all the while connected to a worldwide contemplative community of shared intention: spiritual companions practicing and consenting to the contemplative life ever deeper together.

This year-long subscription series for $225 includes the following retreats and community opportunities: Two online retreats during the liturgical cycles of Lent and Advent, and one online retreat during Ordinary Time. Between the e-courses, subscribers will receive a weekly meditation for reflection and sharing in an online Practice Group. Click on the title to read more about each part of this program.

- The Transformation of Suffering: A Lenten Journey with Thomas Keating and Contemplative Outreach. Lent: March 1 - April 14

- A Journey of Discernment with the teachings of Mary Margaret Funk and other contemplative voices. Ordinary Time: September 4 - 29

- Lux Divina: An Advent Journey with Contemplative Outreach. Advent: November 24 - December 22

- Word of the Week Practice Circle beginning on Sunday, January 8, and continuing with weekly Sunday mailings between the three e-courses. This part of the year-long program is available only to those who subscribe to the annual series.

The year-long subscription will be available only up to the time of the Lenten course. After this, you will need to sign up for each offering individually.

To subscribe to the "Journey into the Light" Annual E-Course Subscription Series and Word of the Week, click on the "Subscribe to E-Course" button below. Partial scholarships are available through Contemplative Outreach. Please inquire at

The "Journey into the Light" annual subscription series with Word of the Week, begins January 8, Feast of the Epiphany (Manifestation).


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