Are you interested in mining the meaning of your experiences? Do you believe that your failures and mistakes provide a chance to transform your days? Have you discovered that one of life's many saving graces is the ability to see misfortunes as blessings in disguise?

We invite you to join us for this 21-day program on the spiritual practice of reframing. With a worldwide community, we will share the adventure of mind-training. This practice offers you opportunities:

  • to change and grow
  • to see how every person and event you encounter is a spiritual teacher
  • to become less judgmental and less cynical
  • to harvest positive experiences to enrich your present and your future, and
  • to put hope back in the center of your days and doings.

We will use readings and practices from a wide variety of spiritual books to explore reframing as a life-affirming state-of-mind and a prompt that polishes our positive emotions and even makes good use out of dark emotions such as anger, fear, and worry. We will see how the regular and creative practice of reframing can turn adversity into advantage, disillusionment into blessings, and stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Each day you will receive an email with a short reading from a spiritual teacher. Then we will suggest things to reflect upon and discuss and a related spiritual practice to try.

It takes a lot of courage and patience not be overwhelmed by the immense negativities afoot in our world today. The spiritual traditions have long offered us counter-cultural ways to see things differently. This compact, creative, and one-of-a-kind e-course will provide the resources, the practices, and the access to a global community you need to develop inner strength and resiliency for the journey down the shape-shifting road that lies ahead.

Recovery programs say that it takes three weeks to break a habit or establish a new practice. Sign up for this 21-day E-Course and put your mind under new management.

(3 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

Available On-Demand
(choose your own start date and frequency)


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