Many of us these days feel a yearning to be of use, to shine more light in the world, to speak with more fire. Our hearts are full of compassion but we don’t know how to translate that into powerful action. We’re disconnected somehow from our own authority and not quite sure where to find ways to reveal our hopes, our love, and our longing.

This 12- session course will lead you down a path to your own personal wisdom. It will help you discover what you know, how you know it, and how best to share it. Using images, poetry, stories, and creative prompts, Jan will open doors to avenues you’ve yet to walk down. She will help you find the right metaphors, create original images, and identify the words that give voice to your soul.

The themes of her sessions will include:

  • Separating your original thoughts from your inherited beliefs
  • Exploring and giving voice to your own personal myth
  • Mastering your ordeals and claiming your authority
  • Retraining your brain to transcend duality
  • Reframing “creativity” so you perceive it as a birthright

Jan will provide an array of excerpts and quotations to work with, suggest photographic assignments that deepen your thinking, and bring her own and others’ photographs to the table to stimulate the heart and brain. She will use poems from a variety of spiritual traditions to evoke thought and inspire action and will incorporate her own musical compositions into this e-course in an attempt to keep the heart space clear and open.

Jan Phillips is a writer, photographer, and activist who connects the dots between evolutionary creativity, spiritual intelligence, and social action. In her workshops, she uses music, poetry, and images to keep the heart and brain connected. Jan is the author of ten award-winning books, and she has performed with Pete Seeger, worked for Mother Teresa, taught with Jane Goodall, and sung to Gladys Knight. She is profiled in Spirituality & Practice's Living Spiritual Teachers Project. Her previous S&P e-course, "Photography as a Spiritual Path," was met with such a swell of interest that we started a year-round Contemplative Photographers Practice Group inspired by her, now in its third year. Jan is also co- founder and director of the Livingkindness Foundation.

Jan has been leading online and in person seminars and retreats for many years. She believes that no matter how much we try to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides. It is her intention to make this e-course absolutely inspiring.

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