One of Buddhism’s paths to awakening is called the “perfections,” or paramitas. These consist of ten guiding principles for creating a blessed life. These values guide you on a path that is personally and communally fulfilling. Most importantly, they are relevant to how you live each day of your life.

In this e-course, course leader Donald Altman broadens these Buddhist teachings to include wisdom from other wisdom traditions — since all the traditions embrace them. When he thinks of working with the ten enlightened principles, he is reminded of a favorite quote from Sufi mystic Inayat Khan, who said, "Freedom is not the path to freedom; discipline is the path to freedom."

When you sign up for this e-course, you receive 12 detailed emails, delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with practices, quotes, and inspirations. Each email focuses on practicing a guiding principle:

  • Intro Week 1: Introduction to the ten perfections, or paramitas.
    This background information will describe put this overall practice in a daily context.
  • Perfection #1: Generosity
    Tap altruism to feel the joy that comes from service and giving.
  • Perfection #2: Effort
    Nothing gets done without first energizing your spiritual lamp!
  • Perfection #3: Patience
    Open new pathways to patience, forgiveness and forbearance.
  • Perfection #4: Ethics
    Explore how discipline and precepts can purify daily actions.
  • Perfection #5: Simplicity and Meditation
    Use daily simplicity and contemplation to invite inner peace.
  • Perfection #6: Wisdom
    Learn how to awaken to your innate wisdom and intuition.
  • Perfection #7: Truthfulness
    Honor your deepest being by living your integrity and honesty.
  • Perfection #8: Steadfastness
    Strengthen resolve and commitments to what matters in your life.
  • Perfection #9: Equanimity
    Develop a steady and balanced perspective of daily life and others.
  • Perfection #10: Loving-Kindness
    Empower yourself and others with this life-changing blessing.
  • Closure: Putting It All Together
    We’ll explore how to continue working with these enlightened principles for a blessed life.

Donald Altman, profiled in our Living Spiritual Teachers project, is a psychotherapist, award-winning author, former Buddhist monk, and international mindfulness teacher and trainer. He is dedicated to bringing ancient spiritual practices, tools, and wisdom into modern living.

The ten perfections truly are a practical path for gaining greater freedom in your life — the freedom that comes from knowing how to live beneficially and inspire those around you by being the best person that you can be.

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