InterSpiritual Meditation is a universal seven-step process drawn from the world’s spiritual traditions. It was developed by Dr. Ed Bastian of the Spiritual Paths Institute through meditation and dialog with contemplative teachers from many spiritual traditions.

InterSpiritual Meditation is a step towards InterSpiritual Wisdom and a foundation for profound peace among peoples of all religions. As an individual contemplative practice, it helps us to cultivate inner peace, wisdom, and compassion that is inclusive of all traditions. As a group process or liturgy, it helps us to create contemplative communities that can include practitioners of many traditions.

The Purposes of InterSpiritual Meditation are:

1. to help each of us to develop and sustain a comprehensive, satisfying, and sustainable process of meditation.

2. to help us co-create contemplative communities for people of diverse faiths and meditative practices. InterSpiritual Meditation is designed to provide a process around which meditators of diverse practices can build community.

3. to model a profound process for people of various religious traditions, and those without a tradition, to join together to create peace and to solve the critical challenges of our times.

This Online Retreat, originally designed to be presented over six weeks, will consist of daily emails covering the seven steps of the InterSpiritual Meditation:

• Motivation
• Gratitude
• Transformation
• Compassion
• Mindfulness
• Meditation
• Dedication

Six recorded audio conference calls will give us opportunities to hear of the experiences of teachers from the Spiritual Paths Institute: Ed Bastian, Kabir and Camille Helminski, Swami Atmarupananda, and Cynthia Bourgeault. A recording of the full guided InterSpiritual Meditation as well as short separate meditations for each of the steps are also included.

Two new books, InterSpiritual Meditation: A Seven-Step Process from the Worlds Spiritual Traditions and Meditations for InterSpiritual Wisdom: Practices and Reading Drawn from the World's Spiritual Traditions, are also available for an additional charge.

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