In 2021, Spirituality & Practice offered a year-long experiment in contemplative writing and listening, facilitated by Judith Favor, a seasoned spiritual guide. She also created the e-course "As It Is: Spiritual Journaling," led a retreat in the summer of 2020 on "Writing for Change in Challenging Times," and created two other e-courses, "Composing Your Spiritual Memoir" and "Writing Your Ethical Will." All were well received by both experienced and inexperienced writers.

The writing component of the 2021 experiment was so insightful that we have recreated it in this e-course format which you can do on your own.

Here's how it will work:

— At the pace you choose, you will receive emails from Judith Favor, each with a focus word, reflections, and writing prompts. We suggest you schedule the emails to come once a week; you will want to have some time to work with each one.

— The first email will provide you with information about keeping a journal with sections like "Spiritual Gatherings," "Stepping Stones," "Dream Log," and "Meditation Log."

— Periodically you will receive guidelines for varied forms of writing, including logs, dialogues, laments, and psalms.

— You will benefit most if you can set up a rhythm of consistent and regular writing.

— Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) will available to chaplains participating in this program. For more information, please see this page.

Is this for you? Some wondering questions:

— Do you sense the need for steady, ongoing spiritual practice in this potentially transformative contemplative writing process?

— Do you want to allow yourself to listen inwardly, more and more deeply?

— Do you want to experience the sense of accomplishment you would get from sticking with this discipline over time?

— Do you suspect you may have indispensable insights you could uncover about yourself, including your role in shaping our collective future?

Here’s a short video about the e-course from our facilitator, Judith Favor.

For the 52 emails, we are asking for a fee of $104. To sign up, click on "Subscribe to E-Course" below.

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